All better... ;)

All better... ;)
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I'm sure this would be my Wordless Wednesday but I guess I should share.... Mom and I went to Knittin Kitten again. we came back and I was rushing to get a casserole in the oven so we could go out front and decorate for Halloween.
We recently hit Target hard for some full size candy bars, a skull, 3 different sizes of spiders and some web. Mom is kinda digging Halloween this year and wants to decorate and "do" the holiday.
Anywhoo, I was using a chefs knife and sliced the tip of my thumb nearly off.
Seriously, I think that damn thing attacked me!
Mom was otherwise engaged so she didn't really know about it - I smoothed out the skin flap, (that sucker bled like crazy! As in I could see my pulse!) and pressed down(hard). I rinsed the blood off and patted dry. I called the DH to come home, take mom home, and take me to the Doctor.
They fixed me up.
DH took me for Indian food because:
A. I'm not cooking tonight
B. Chicken tikka makes me happy
C. Garlic nan- nuff said

When we got home DH gave me Ice Cream, a kiss on my forehead and asked "all better?"
yep, all better.... :) thanks honey!
Friday Im going sewing(read: drinking) with my gal pals- so I may not get a lot sewn this week..
Worst part is: Im really trying to get a quilt off the quilter- as in done quilting - this is another depressing delay... boo hiss!
Quilters Rock!


Splendorfalls said...

Oh this gives me the shivers...yikes! Glad you are all better though!

Amy said...

Oh no!!! I hope you feel better soon. Chicken tikka makes me feel better too! ;)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh that sounds painful. Take care and hope it heals up soon!

GrandMa Red said...

Dude, That is terrible! At least you got the ice cream. Good girl, way better than a sticker from the doctor!!

Drinking yes!!!!!

Cherri said...

How many scoops? Two I hope! Wait, with that thumb injury you might need three!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Thanks everybody - I'm fine I was just a big baby last night..:D

Cheryl Arkison said...

Yikes! And those hand injuries just throb. Eat all the ice cream you want.

Jill said...

Maybe I shouldn't have had so much of your drink on Friday - you really needed it! I hope it's much better now, get quilting!