Thinking Lincoln! and the Rare Book Room

When I am not sewing patchwork, actively quilting or gardening ... or doing any of the million things people do each day, I am on the internet. And what, pray tell, am I doing there you ask?
Lately, I have been looking over the
They have a first edition of The Grammar of Ornament, which is nice. RBR has Poor Richards almanac and my favorites; the illuminated manuscripts from the 16th century. These manuscripts have beautiful paintings in them that I can look at as long as I want, zoom in and zoom out, and whole books can be flipped through almost like seeing them in person. I love this site.
Lately, I have fallen under the spell of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum: an affiliate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They just announced that they won a big prize for the brilliance of their logo. My favorite aspect is that you can search through their collection and create your own collection of bookmarked quilts, kind of like Fickrs "favorites". They have a quilt of the month, downloads, podcasts and it well worth a visit and a bookmark!!

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jacquie said...

One of these weekends I'm going to drive up to Lincoln and spend the day. I've heard it's fabulous! Their site is pretty cool too.