WANTED: New Handles!!

No, this is not a picture of my machine... these are the new micro-handles for the handiquilter. They are kinda spendy but I want them anyway! My birthday is coming so maybe I can swing them... This is just what I need! really. me wants!
For the last 3 days I have been quilting a top and the thread just kept breaking.. and breaking...
something was wrong and I struggled, playing with the tension, changing the needle etc... then, I fixed it...or it stopped. It sure can be frustrating. I was trying something new, a new style of feather, and its been real tough going...
Today I finished a second quilt, and am going to load 2 more today! Hurray I am back on track.
Anxious to get some pumped out and off for binding.
Quilters Rock!

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