Did you make one too?

Susan sent me this photo of a top she made using Bali-pops based on my tutorial here! Isn't it great!?? Susan said "The pattern was so easy and fun". Thanks Susan, your quilt is wonderful.

A little while later after TLC wrote her comment:
Here is one in "sherbert" over at TLC Stitches. Super cute!!


Trisha said...

I made one using your tutorial too! So many people loved my quilt and asked about the pattern. I pointed them all to your website!

Here is the address for the post that shows my bali pop quilt top.


4th picture down in the post.

Jackie Russell said...

Love this top! I haven't been able to do mine yet, hopefully after the first of the year.

Susan said...

Thanks for posting the photo of my quilt. I love the one that TLC Stitches made in Sherbet! It's gorgeous! I'll have to get the Sherbet Bali Pops and make one of those too!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

This was my first tutorial and I am so happy people tried it. So flattered really! Next I am going to try it with a jelly roll or fat quarter bundle and update the pattern tutorial.

Unknown said...

Rachel, i saw your tutorial 2 weeks ago for the Bali pop and finally purchased one to try your pattern ,AND now I can't access your blog with the actual tutorial. Is is possible for you to e-mail it to me, or post the instructions again. It was so clear and concise, I'm sure I could follow it through. thanks so much

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I changed the name of the blog to include the word Avenue spelled out. I was going to go to a domain but whoa... not how I want to spend my time.

Ginny said...

I made one too! This was such an easy pattern yet so pretty! I made mine king size for my Dad, I used both sherbert and mulberrry. I loved it so much that it is the picture at the top of my blog, I also did a post about it linking back to yours.

(actually, there are three posts!)

Thank you for this pattern.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

oh, my gosh! Ginny that looks great!
I am so pleased you found the tutorial easy... and your quilt turned out great!!!