I Have a Little Wii Knee.... ;D

I am never going to get tired of that! never! I know it's totally stupid, but I cannot get over it.
Careful coz I am gonna try and teach it to your kids. :0
detail by you.
I finished my baby quilt, I just need to bind it and wash it, then it will be ready. I Mctavished the interior, left the center square unquilted, and quilted a feather wreath around the border.
I'm getting a bunch ready to put on my etsy. I got my samples back so those are gonna get washed and are going too.

see cute PIRATE DOGS!! How cute is that??
A few days ago we bought a Wii, my friends have them, I keep hearing about it and the lady in the Social Security Office waiting room raved about her Big Brain game and I wanted it for my mother. I have never had a game system before, ever. I always thought it was the sole dominion of boys, stoners or "dirty hairs". I don't have any kids, so I never really "got" the game thing.
Okay, I get it now!! omg! how fun is this?? We got Mario Cart and I am driving around a little track. I have been bowling, playing tennis, baseball.. fun Fun Fun! seriously Fun... but I have a little Wii Knee... So when you see me, be sure and ask me "hey Rachel howz your Wii knee?"
over at dioramarama she learned to longarm, and my friend Lori came over to quilt for charity on my Handi-Quilter Sweet 16.
I thought I would show you how I set it up so I can quit 2 tops on the same back and save time by basting onto my leader.
Let me say first that I use 108" wide backing whenever possible so that I baste that selvage edge to my leaders.
First I place sticky back velcro to my on my rollers- both types. I sew velcro onto my leaders. It comes as a set and I use it all. I have several sets of leaders, so I can baste several backs at one sitting.
I also have lots of small 60" single leaders to baste/pin tops to if I want. Mostly for charity I float the tops, for pay I pin, and for me I baste.
Here is a pic of the sewn velcro and the velcro on the roller.
IMG_0738 by you.
here is a pic of basted edge:
leader/backing by you.
I baste using the longest stitch on my machine. I pin from the center out in a few places and -ALWAYS- sew with the leader on the bottom from the edge! If you didn't want to baste this system works great for pinned backs too ... because you can pin anywhere.. and slap it on the rollers later.
I used to rent time on a longarm and wasted so much money "pinning on" to their leaders, and daydreaming about a better way to do it....
For passage, all our kits finish at 48"x 60" so I set up my backing like so:
charity quilting graph by you.
I cut several backing and battings at once. After I quilt my 2 quilts I have some inches left over, not more than eight usually. I practice something I want to try in this space, sometimes it works sometimes it's sucky. Sometimes I don't practice and the "binders" use it for binding.
Here's a practice example: More here....
If I prepare the day before I can do 8-12 quilts in a day. I usually do 2-6 in a half day, so I can do other things. This weekend I did 4 quilts, and still played a ton! I love this system I hope if your a quilter, you will be inspired to do a little charity quilting for fun and for practice.
IMG_0659 by you.
okay enough from me!
oh, yeah.. I have been looking around and if you like my blog, please add it to your list, I don't think I'm on any lists, I always look. or send me mail and tell me why. I bet it's coz I'm too new...
Quilters Rock!

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