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I live in Oregon.
My ballot came to my house with a set of voter guides. I sat with my mother in our living room,
with a ball point pen, reference materials and some iced tea. I filled in my ballot, put it in the secret envelope, and signed the outside envelope. Today I am taking it to the drop off. I like to do it on the same day as everybody else in the country. patriotic.
Oregon has some of the highest voter turnout in the country, or should I say "ballot turn in" ?
Either way, I think we are so likely to vote in Oregon because it is so easy for us to vote. After all those long lines and waiting waiting.... now you know how easy it could be.
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RAV TUX said...

One of the beauties of Oregon is the State wide vote by mail or drop off at a ballot box system. I wish every state did this, of course when I lived in Maryland, I just submitted the vote by mail option also. One long wait early in the morning was enough for me. Did you see that the New York times published the Obama: "Victoy" Speech on their website?...I did and I captured it on my website: