Pretty thread by you.
I love thread! A most common, noble, hardworking thing. Never when I pick out clothes do I say to myself " check out how well that thread is holding that sleeve on!" Yet, there it is doing it's job.
In a quilt, thread can really add something or be a big distraction. Personally, I like thread to kind of "disappear" into the fabric design - as in ... Let's not look too closely, I'm a folk artist not a fine artist. I try to pay homage to tradition and still do something as a quilter that looks fresh. Other times, I am just quilting that sandwich together.
I own a Handi-Quilter Sweet 16 (follow link to see a picture) , I am sure you have seen the ads in magazines. I am not a longarmer, I'm more a hobby quiliter. I quilt for charity, do my own quilts, quilt for my friends, samples and Etsy.
All that being said my point is this: I take thread very seriously. I want strong thread, that is thin and doesn't have a lot of lint for me to clean up. Thread also has a kind of voo-doo quality to it, what works for you may not be what works for someone else. To a certain extent a quilter has to find the thread that works the best for them and experimentation is required. I have tried lots of brands Aurifil, Gutermann, Mettler, Robison Anton, Signature, Star,etc etc...
After about a year of trial and error I have a couple I like.
For piecing I like Aurifil, and Masterpiece by Superior ... Lately, I have used Essentials at Connecting Threads a VERY good value per spool and a very good piecing thread that I have also used on the HQ16 - a nice quilt.
Far and away my favorite quilting thread is Superior Threads. I like the So Fine and Bottom Line the best. I also really like Signature Thread see pic above.
In the face of looming depression, I decided if I was going to be cash poor I wanted to spend some money on thread. I also want to expand my quilting business and take on more jobs per month. So I need to have some color options. They just released a bunch of new pale colors in So Fine so I made an order. I have been waiting for my box to arrive. Pins ANd NEEDLES!!!
My thread just came Hurray! by you.
Here is my beautiful box of thread and bobbins they sent me... they packed it so nice and clean.
When I opened all the boxes it was so pretty!!
Thread!! by you.
I'm so happy! I even got something called Moda green.. I'm so happy! oh I said that already.
I have been contemplating this purchase for months, looking at the website and looking at the catalog, playing with my thread cards etc
Thread cards? Here's photo. At 3$ a card they are a bargain and a great help.
IMG_0712 by you.
I don't have a whole set because I don't use some of their threads (yet) but there are more.
Just the cards I need...
Questions? coz I feel like an expert, I'm not; I just have an opinion.
Quilters Rock!


Anonymous said...

Like a kid in a candy store!

Brenda said...

Love the thread pics! Yummy. Enjoyed reading your blog.