Denyse Schimdt Here I Come!

IMG_1387 by you.
Pretty flower from our garden.. Its hard to focus on quilting when there is so much pretty good ness.
In other news:
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I finished Mom's ZigZag Quilt. Backed it with bright pinky/orange to give it zing and MAN! its zingy! Mom doesn't like busy patterns and designs. For years( err, decades) , she had one of those hudson trading post striped blankets on her bed. I had that loosely in mind when I made this one.
IMG_1383 by you.
Here is a shot of her hand. holdng tissue like always. I asked her to put it on the bed to get a picture. So universally an old lady hand.. I wanted to capture it.
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I finally got this bound and finished. I'm pretty happy with it. It's my own design and used my own simplified construction technique to make the blocks. Hooray! I was gonna sell it on Etsy but I think I am going to use it as a class sample. Darn, I will have to make it again. :)
My machine binding on this one is really good - if I do say so myself. So check out the photos on to see it up close.

IMG_1401 by you.
Not all my projects come together to make a great quilt. I think the fabric here is a loser. I should have been more focused and used tighter standards for fabric placement, instead of just using my current favorites.
On the other hand I think the quilting compliments the design in a way that I rarely can acomplish. I kind of love traditional quilting but it can be a bit static and "oldtimey". I try to do a modern freehand that pays homage to traditional quilting without being stuffy and too formal. I want the quality to be there, the craftmanship, but I also want a certain casual, of the moment, breath of fresh air feeling in it as well.

Okay, lots of folks have asked and I just heard today.
I got into the Denyse Schmidt class!! Here in Portland! Hooray. I'm thrilled! I am grateful! I am not gonna be happy getting up that early in the morning!
If you too are going, drop me a line and we will talk.
Quilter's Rock!


susan said...

sigh. i am so jealous! a class with denyse schmidt!!! ack!! you better take LOTS of pix!
adore the shot of your moms arm...quinticential!!!

jacquie said...

congrats on getting in...i sure hope you'll tell us all about it. i love this design and i love the fabric too!!