W(not)IP Wednesday #7

Sucked in by the flickr Pool Designer Fabric Stash Swappy Poo I have yet to resurface and get anything done. Seriously, too much dang fun.
This is the board where I put my daily 9 patches... empty.
IMG_1376 by you.
When I am just goofing off I "work" on these circles ... Ha .. .I am loathe to cut the fabric so I do a lot of petting and ironing and anything but cutting so sewing is so slow... then I put it away till I am between projects again.
IMG_1377 by you.
What am I supposed to be working on? When I am not driving to the post office to drop off swaps.... I'm quilting. Trying to quilt? Avoiding quilting... what ever...
IMG_1378 by you.
Tomorrow I go to the Mandatory Hotel to volunteer. Hopefully I will get on task here pretty soon.

Quilters Rock!


jacquie said...

love the picture of the empty wall....too funny! i don't know what i'm giggling about...i haven't touched my machine in a week...it's in a box somewhere.

susan said...

haha you are so dang funny!! i am picturing you just sitting in a big pile of fabric, petting it!! haha
also love the pic of the empty wall! such a clever idea!