Happy Birthday! It was!

IMG_1668 by you.
So last Thursday was my birthday! Hmrph! I have been buzy with the store and all so it was low key. That is a photo of 30th Anniversary Cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory. They sell whole cakes in a variety of sizes. A whole cake bought frozen can be cut up and put in the freezer for about 3$ a slice. Rather than 7.5$ a slice in the resturant. We got 8 monster slices but I think next time we will get 16 small slices.
My birthday present was going to The Denyse Schmidt Workshop so I am thrilled, even though around here it was quiet on the day. DH is working on an interesting (to him) engineering dilemma. To him its always "solve the problem, save the world" . Times like these he is pretty lost to me.
Friday night I went out to eat with my girl friends and laughed. It's always good with them. We got to taking pictures of our arms bent (looks like ass) to send to our husbands. So stupid and fun.
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Saurday night we went to the Garlic Festival in North Plains and did door watch at the Beer Garden. My quilt guild earns a million dollars(ok maybe less) a year doing this, so I did my shift.

IMG_1669 by you.
This was ones families collection of cups. We watched them drink and build this monster over several hours. Thanks for coming to the Garlic Festival have a safe drive home! The police came and checked they had a driver before they left.
Did you see the In Plain Sight season finalle? Mary can't die! She is the show! cheap trick.
Quilters Rock!

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Happy belated birthday.