Busy Busy...

There is a lot going on over here... Guests, family and sharing a computer have all made me a little less inclined to post or flickr. Tonight I answered mail on an account other than my own...
Been real busy with the munki munki trading, swapping and selling.
I am starting to think about Xmas and am collecting fabrics for my step sons quilt. He is getting his Masters over at the Art institute In Chicago so it has to be great.
This is the style block I am thinking I will make him. I developed it in the Denyse Schmidt Workshop I took.
IMG_1730 by you.
I started trying to get some Heather Ross prints to go with my Flea market fancy prints and also looking for the right solids. then I discovered Munki Munki by Heather Ross and well thats it really ... Im hooked!
IMG_1731 by you.
I have been going thrift store shopping to find fabric too.. pillow cases, shirts, skirts .. whatever is right.
IMG_1744 by you.
I think both of these are going to look great in his quilt. That green goes with the Tennis Munki Munki. His blocks will be lighter and fresher in tone.
Unrelated to his quilt, I found this awesome Ben Sherman shirt in red aqua and pink in an awesoome mid-century print. Its awesome!
IMG_1740 by you.
I sent out a swap recently....
IMG_1748 by you.
Isn't that the cutest?

Quilters Rock


vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

I LOVE that shirt! His quilt is going to be so hip.

Doris said...

Quilters do rock! Sent your seagulls today...maybe they can find a place in that quilt! Love the pink and aqua shirt...I think I need to hit the thrift stores this week.