IMG_1911 by you.
Mashed Bananas. yum! Traders Joes Instant Pudding. Yum.
Oatmeal. Yum! Thai food all mashed up ... seriously yummy!
The food is good but I really miss chewing. Feeling the food break up, tasting. .. I miss it.

Thanks everybody for your nice words and well wishes. Things went well and I only barfed once.
I'm only napping twice a day... and I doing pretty good on pain management.
I got a great plastic appliance to wear and help with the healing and prevent my teeth from wandering. I'm almost ready to get back to work again. :)
Still not talking that much but over all I'm doing pretty well...


Amy said...

Hi Rachel! Glad to hear you're surviving the dental work. At least you're enjoying your mashed up diet. :)

jacquie said...

there are up sides to everything...pudding is definitely a good thing....hope you're doing better.

fabricartist21 said...

Yummmmmmm I love the pudding but I can make it and still keep my teeth LOL