Oh Gnome you didn't! and Sunday Stash

IMG_0528 by you.
Our Neighbors Boo-ed us with Kettle Corn.. Brand new to the neighborhood she is a good mom. Last night she played board games all night with her kids.
I Boo-ed someone else by sending an extra in the swap ... was it you?
Sunday Stash by you.
Sunday Stash - is my newly acquired Love dots... so cute!
Oh gnome you didn't! by you.
I was out with my Mom running errands on Friday and spotted this Gnome selling coffee.


Jilly said...

Yum! I'm loving those love dots. And the coffee gnome is pretty sweet, too.

wishes, true and kind said...

The Sunspots are wonderful, aren't they? I wish I had several yards of each colorway :).

Cristin said...

Who doesn't love Gnomes, lattes, dots, and carmel corn?! YUMMY post :-)