Serging to a Finish

Friday, I went to Modern Domestic with some of my Modern Quilt Guild pals. Cherri was visiting from Alaska for the Blues Festival and won't be back till September. So a small collection of us ate dinner at the Tin Shed and walked a few doors down to sew.

Modern Domestic has sergers. Those scary multi thread things with a cutter. So I made this quilt a big giant queen sized quilt. Its been a beast to wrangle around. I had just taken it off the machine and it needed a trim and the binding attached.

I asked to try a serger... I took my untrimmed monster and used the serger to Trim and Attach the binding in one fell swoop! Awesome!

In retrospect, I think next time I would square the corners before I serge the binding the on, but otherwise it was a screaming success. Thanks Modern Domestic.

Quilters Rock!


Amy said...

Very cool! I've never used a serger either, and I'd never thought to use one to trim and attach binding.

Bessiemae said...

I have a serger, and I've always wondered about doing it this way, but I've never seen any mention of it! I'm definitely going to try it, I'm finishing up a quilt in the next couple of days, so glad I saw this.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That sounds very smart! I don't have a serger but if I ever get the chance to try this, I definitely will.

Jennifer :)

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I cut in, in the middle of a side, left a front tail to join to the binding once I was finished, and then just serged away. Later I joined my 2 tails and used a regular machine to stitch those down. I then trimmed the joint and am binding it now.
I would square the corners first and be careful to get a good miter on the corners...
one of mine was a little short. This project isn't going to the museum or fair so I was okay.

Let me know how you do!
with practice this is the way to do it... totally rocks!

Evelyn said...

I've used the serger to trim the edge before doing the binding, but I've never thought about attaching the binding at the same time. I can't picture how you would do the corners... Can you (pretty please) take pictures if you do it again?

Jill said...

That was a really cool way of doing it, I'd love to try it sometime. It just seemed like a neat and tidy way of doing it.