Knittin Kitten

Knittin Kitten
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Okay! Hold on to your hats!
I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag!!
Yesterday i went to Knittin Kitten - a fabric, notion and yarn store....
First off, I took my mom... she took 2 steps in and plopped in a chair. She went no further. Now that she is older she really hates what she calls "junk" stores. This store is mostly a giant de-stash... its awesome..
I mean patterns, yarn, buttons, ribbon, every notion under the sun... all of it out of someones stash being upcycled... Awesome! Its got the "portland weird" factor so its not for you snobby types and if you don't know who you are-- trust us, we do, so just ask! :)
*Rant Alert*
But here's a clue: you come to the meetings 20 minutes late every month, disrupt everything while you migrate to the back where you laugh and whisper thru the ENTIRE meeting but don't contribute or talk to anybody else.... so if you're one of those folks, you will hate this store, because you are way too good for it.

I went there to get some thing for my pin cushion - you know, for the upcoming swap... as if I will actually make one, which we all know is highly unlikely because I hardly manage anything anymore. But still.

I asked about the awesome glass vintage buttons I was casually *OMFG! look at these buttons!* pawing thru and "blammo" she went back and grabbed a giant box.... of even more awesome... vintage... glass ... buttons... did I mention handpainted?
most of them are shanked , which is supposed to be not as good.... but seriously .... I got an instant stash of "grandmas buttons".
I don't have a stash of grandmas buttons or old family sewing supplies. The grandma that I was really close to didn't sew because she was busy doing other things.

okay so RUN -not walk- over to Knittin Kitten - tell them the Fat Red Headed Lady sent you because I don't think she knows my name...
that little blue heart button has a key on it.... get it... key to my heart!
I died! Ba - na- nas!
Quilters Rock!


Splendorfalls said...

Dang, too bad I live um, no where near there! Lucky lucky duck.

And loved the links on your Grandma!

Jill said...

How have I not been there???

Megan said...

WOW! Must find a way to get there without kiddos!

Cherri said...

vintage in the heck have I never been there.....I am going Monday....great score, Rachel!

Evelyn said...

Nice buttons! I love shops like that - I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in Portland.

Your grandma was hardcore. :-)

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

Rofl! I had to read that one out loud. I have known about KK for awhile, but still haven't been. It's always on my list of to do, but gets pushed to the bottom. I need to check it out one of these days.