makes me so crazy!!

I made mention on a couple of blogs - quilters gallery (see badge) and TallPrairieStudio - she is a great quilter and her blog is pretty awesome so go check it out. Check her out on flickr too. The talent is amazing! Hi Jackie! *frantic wave*

Below is a pictue of a quilt, I made it 2 years ago at a retreat with the BBClub. Since that time, our Queen has cut several dozen kits, quilters have generously donated time, assembled them, quilted them and bound them. The Patterns For Passage System is based on a 12" block and 6 inch borders. 12 blocks and borders make a 48x60" quilt everytime. Based on variations of the 9 patch or 4.5" thirds we have several kits we make, and people can sign them out at a local store, bring them back, and its a mitzvah all the way around. Who makes what and who quilts what gets pretty anonymous and I like that.
Back when we first started making kits we got in trouble for photcopying other peoples patterns and needed to make our own. Hence, the P4PSystem.

I love working Passage. I love making quilts for people I will never know. I love the people I have met, the friends I have made, and the skills I have learned. I never think of my enemies, but my "Frenemy" drives me insane! Every couple of months she pops up and wrecks havoc with sanity and my ego. I hate how easily I react!
Change of subject!!!
Tuesdays I go to Farmers Market! I like to get mini pies. they are called "All Mine". I also get vegetables and berries.

I am quilting a lot lately. I finished quilting The Calico Cat passage quilt and am doing practice on the left over backing. When I get it off the machine I will take pictures..

GIVE AWAY!! In honor of the quilting of the Rolling Pin tops this month... I am giving away a copy of the Rolling Pins Pattern. Leave a comment to be entered, it runs till Monday the 21st of July (10 days)


Millie said...

The 21st is my birthday! So enter me in the contest!

jacquie said...

Thanks Rachel. You are too kind. Ummmm, that pie looks good. Love that quilt pattern too.

MichelleB said...

Congrats on finishing quilting the quilt! It's always nice to chalk up a finish.