Well, with the election over I need to get back on track and focus. I had a little Post Election Withdrawal Syndrome (PEWS), but I think I am over it now. I quilted a quilt for the BB club, it's a fundraiser, it's batiks and pretty and I did feathers with a variegated thread so it turned out pretty good. We figured out that it costs our group about 5$ a quilt. This year BBClub are on track to deliver approx 200 finished quilted and hand bound quilts to Passage. So... we need to have our own little fund. Right now we get backs and batting from Passage but if we ever want to help another group - say a womens shelter or cancer camp- we would have to have another 10$ per top at least.
IMG_0763 by you.
A few days later the Queen informed me that someone had asked her for a Passage Quilt and they wanted fish so she put out a call for a fish top and Friday night we got 2 fish themed tops. The woman was there doing passage sewing so she choose the one she thought her loved one would like. Today I quilted it and will deliver it tomorrow.
IMG_0765 by you.
I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. Once its washed it will crinkle up kinda like water ripples. I'm hoping anyway... Here is the back:
IMG_0764 by you.
I am participating in the spare change swap over at chickpeastudio. Metrosupial Designs and I were late, missed the deadline and would not be deterred so we swapped between the two of us. Spare Change was just too good an idea to miss out on, so we are participating anyway. Just try and stop us!
Spare Change Swap by you.
This is what Katie sent me and I have to tell you there are some real beauties in here.
Its my first "Swap and Make" so I am extra excited...
I am waiting for everybody to get their swaps from chickpeastudio before I start sewing.
This week I went and had my machine serviced, now it hums like a top.


Leah said...

you're so funny about doing your own swap with someone else who missed the deadline. how clever-

I love the quilt in your profile photo with the colorful rings.

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

What a nice photo of the fabrics! The quilt you have made with them is BEAUTIFUL! I used the cherries you sent the other day in a potholder.

P.S. It's Metrosupial, not marsupial.