Presents of mind

For the past week, I have been moving my mom into her new condo and woo-hoo I finally got a day off! Yippee! My DH went to work (he loves to work from home) so the house was quiet. I was finally alone and sometimes that is just what I need. Need.
My girlfriends have some really cute kids so they made their own girl scout troop. Or mostly their own troop. I don't know the details exactly.
I love to do crafts with the kids, it's fun and I did fun crafts when I was a kid and it instilled in me a love of creativity.
ideas,, by you.
So here is my raw edge appliqué present. cute huh? This is the first one so I think I should use red thread.
I have a banner hanging in my house, a museum banner, the kind they hang from light posts to advertise a show. see more here. Mine is a self portrait of Egon Schiele.
The banner is not exactly festive and I want to make a banner of presents and trees for the holidays. I may use this method. I cut the shapes out and "glue basted" them down and stitched around. Its fast, it's fun and I am loving how cute it is.

Have a good Turkey Day!
Quilters Rock!

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