I just joined WIP Wednesday to give me structure and maybe I will get 2 posts a week more often.
Big Picture I am working on growing my business. To that end I have started taking more quilting jobs, and trying to make every minute count.
I have some jobs in the works- there is a QUE on the sidebar - and this is my first internet job.
My friend Kim gave me a job to do but she had it delivered via another girlfriend that lives close. I sent pictures of backing and thread choices, cost estimates, etc., and she made every choice over the email. I'm pretty excited. It worked out really well.
IMG_1025 by you.
I decided I would practice her quilting choice on a top I recently finished for Etsy.
IMG_0934 by you.
I thought it looked unfinished and needed a border. ...
So I added a border, pressed it, and spent a wee bit of time marveling at my points & the pressing of said points.
Nicely spiraled centers make me very happy.
IMG_1018 by you.
I believe quilting should be fun and I usually take seam rippers away from people.
When I worked at a big Corp. they used to say " do the right things right". (Yes, I can still remember, the brainwashing was complete. ) Meaning that you'll spend less time and effort if you do it right both in "execution" and "skills" the first time. Without fussing over trying to fix it later.
I try to cut it right, sew it straight, press it nice, etc...because it goes together better at the block stage. But if it isn't "perfect" I keep moving, my seams are close, my points are good(not great) I did the right things right, I'm not ashamed. So... It's a minor miracle that the points came out so good on this block, and a wee bit thrilling.
IMG_1019 by you.
Here's the quilting my friend picked...... freehand feathers ...
IMG_1030 by you.

IMG_1029 by you.
See? I think with the borders it is "contained" and gives it some structure.
the back is black and white polka dots so I may bind in red or blue..
I want a strong color.
IMG_1037 by you.
That's what going on in the studio.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I read this post! I really would like to try to make my first quilt this year, but am really intimidated. You make it sound less scary!
Beautiful work, really.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

It shouldn't be scary it should be fun! I read that your going to do some Bushfire Stars. That's a great place to start. Go for it!

Jaye said...

I really like the secondary pattern that the Kaleidoscope makes. I never noticed it before. I think it is the way you placed the colors. Thanks for sharing!