Finished In More Ways Than One!

The table is finished! Handles on, shelves in, fini!
Then, I finished my "spare change" quilt. I loaded extra backing on so ...
I then finished some more quilts....
IMG_0965 by you.
That's the side, I have book shelves for knic-knacs and books. I priced out "brand name"
quilt tables and decided that I wanted to build my own from Kitchen cabinets & countertop.
I'm pretty happy with the result for me, It was _way_ more cost effective. I have some drawers on one side and on the other upper shelves (cheaper) .. so I am thrilled.
Now I just have to clean up from all the mess. Note the tight crop on pics.

So here are closeups on "finished work" . The 4 piece orange circle is part of the backing of my spare change quilt
This is close-ups of a couple of gifties... to new parents .... knock wood.

See the power strip in the back there? My recycled Ikea plate rack from my first apartment for my rulers. Cup of cold brew tea... I have an office chair from Office Depot ... Its my sweet spot..
IMG_0948 by you.
Closer up on my sewing machine cutout.
IMG_0949 by you.

Ginny over at Ginnys Quilts meme ed me a 6th meme... .
I am to show you the 6th picture of the 6th folder and then Meme 6 more people.
Now, I hate this kind of stuff.... never ever do it... but I like Ginny and since she so sweet...
and I want to be as communal as I am able. I will post my pic. And if you want to post your 6th to 6 feel free. ...
Kimpossible5: Just because I half do this one meme .... do not tag me for recipes...
Don't even try it sister!

HPIM0794 by you.
This is a deer from "The Pines" on Fire Island. a little fawn. Aggressive, covered in ticks, ... what a cutie. This was across the walk from my FILs cottage. His partner was the original buyer.
At night as we fall asleep, we listen to the surf and the distant bump bump of the dance music...
good times.

Quilters Rock!!


the Campfollower said...

I LOVE your quilting table! It is just too wonderful. I was smiling as I was looking at the pictures as your set up is so similar to mine. Tool box behind, Thread extender thing, glass of tea to the right. Oh and I really like the way you quilted that last quilt. Very nice!!!

Sara said...

Love, love, love your quilting/sewing table. I am in the mental stages of re-doing my sewing room (it was never done in the 1st place). I am struggling w/ the best way to store fabric, use all available space effectively, etc. I am deinitely heading to lowes/homedepot to see what kitchen cabinet options (and prices) are available. I'd like to get cabinets with drawers for all my thread, stash, stabilizer, etc.
I really like the way the quilt tops came out. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Your spare change is so beautiful, Rachel! You are a goddess. And FYI I have never heard of meme before. What does that mean?

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Thanks Kimmy!As far as me being a Goddess: It takes one to know one! *blush* "you a goddess!" I think we will both agree That I am no Queen:D
Wiki says a Meme is:
A meme (pronounced /miːm/) comprises a unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices; such units or elements transmit from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. The etymology of the term relates to the Greek word mimema for mimic.[1] Memes act as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate and respond to selective pressures.

However I think in this case it's a fancy name for a chain letter...but funner and sweeter. Its more like being "tagged"
So, send me back your favorite recipe and then send this to 16 of dearest friends and best cooks, add your name to the bottom and erase the top name... in 30 days you will have 500 new recipes.
Folks- this is my IRL friend who sends me chain letters - when what I really want is naked pics of physical abnormalites and PhotoShopped naked celebrites... is that too much to ask?

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Did I now thank everybody for their knid comments?
No Ididn't!
Seriously folks .. thanks!
Tia, great minds think alike! Don't you think?
Im gonna be more decorative next week and do some destashing.

Authoritaters said...

Hey ya!

Thanks for following my bloggie!

It's nice to see how you've got this perfect circular motifs going on with your quilts with crazy patterns zig zagging all over!

Please keep it up!

I especially like the pink quilt, it's very full of texture and conscientiously arranged, good work!

Will check back soon!

Unknown said...

wow wow wow... so glad I stumbled upon your blog today..
stunning work...
you have a great week...
mona & the gaffer girls

Diane said...

I love that Spare Change Quilt. Is there a pattern? Love your blog found thru the Spare Change.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Its my own design it's a variation of the kite quilt or 4 pointed star.
Its based on a 45 degree ruler.
Thanks for nice words.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your sewing table -- I can't believe you did it yourself!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention how much I love your quilt -- such a clever border using the white pieces.

The Rausch's said...

how did you cut the colored "kites?" I've been trying to figure it out, but I'm stumped!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I used a ruler called "Mary Sue's Triangle Ruler"
It is put out by
That Patchwork Place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! You're a real artist. I'll add you to the W.I.P. List right now!

Minka said...

Your table is great! I hope you take pictures of the drawers, etc. I love this quilt, the pattern, the fabrics, the colors, and the way you quilted it! Makes me want to go out and make a quilt with a lot of white in it!