Sunday Stash on Tuesday!

Hey, really, it's Tuesday already? well, I'm doing Sunday Stash anyway. I don't care.
IMG_0960 by you.
Ta DA! Its Pin Dots from RJR Basics. I love its hand and its color. I love everything about it.
I am using it on binding a gifty quilt.

I am machine binding using the FunQuilts Method. I think it's working pretty good. See?
IMG_0954 by you.
So today I looked at my followers and I saw a little Icon of a MAN! like a male. You know, one those human types with an outie. Is he a quilter? No, he is a Trimet Bus Driver! The most brilliant Trimet bus Driver ever! ... I used to live at 16th and Prescott. Right across the street from the I do a Music Show on KBOO Lady(Alcohol is a poison, people... and btw, if your married to him and I see him hit you, I will call him a "wife beater"everytime I see him! really loud!). Right next door to the drug dealer on 16th and Going (SE corner -he is still there btw) who is approaching 40years old and still lives with his mother, when he isn't in jail. Its a much better neighborhood now that it's called the "Alberta Arts District" and not "Sabin".
I really liked my back fence neighbor who grew the medicinal herb and Zinnias.
I miss Portland very much and hope after retirement to move back .

My Points:
#1 I love RJR Pin Dots.
#2 His blog is like a snapshot of the beauty/sadness/life/weirdness that is Portland, Oregon.
So, go... read.... enjoy. Trimet Confidential

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Megan said...

Portland has always been my fantasy city. I've never been there, but I've dreamed of living there for years. Every picture I see, or description I read just makes me go, "Yep. That's where I belong."