Sunday Stash on Monday! Plus 9 Patch

Here is my Sunday Stash.
Wow Right? I love this fabric... I have no idea what it is or how old it is but I love it!
I call it Funky May Flowers
IMG_1318 by you.
I am loving the Daily Nine Patch. I joined last week so I was a week behind.
I did 16 this week so I think I am caught up. It's easy, fun, and I hope I don't get too behind...
after I get done with my project I am taking a couple of days off - no sewing or quilting. Then after that, I am going to do some quilting. I will have to sit down and make my 9patches during this break ...but it should be fun.
IMG_1326 by you.
Willy Nilly is also doing some blocks with Charm fabric.. One of the many blogs I visited(I can't remember which one- i suck) did some rules for her blocks and I have noticed others have "rules" that they are working by also. So here's mine:
1. Modern Fabric in the 5 location
2.30's repo or vintage, maybe some solid, in the 4 location
3. Lighter spring tones to prevail (that brown and blue on the right are both going out or to a different project)
4. I think I will use gray background.
5. I think I am going to limit my use of red, even tho I love it. I may use it as cornerstones or something when I put it together.

Some of the blocks I made don't conform but that is how I want to focus this project in the future.. we'll see how it goes...
These are my favorites:
IMG_1328 by you.
So far...
Stay tuned I have a binding tutorial coming. ... I've got the pics done but it's quick posts until I turn my project in...

Quilter's Rock!

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imquilternity said...

Beautiful blocks...can't wait to see the finished quilt! Isn't this fun?