Stash of Selvage on Sunday- does that count?

selvage love by you.
Karen over at The Selvage Blog is showing off peoples stashes of selvage. Here's mine - its not much, but it's all I've got. I threw in a bit of my machine for perspective. Its crammed pretty tight in that bag and I keep adding to it.
bag of selvage by you.
Things are pretty crazy here. I am working on my Mothers Day Quilt for Mom. Then I got a couple quilting jobs. Then on Friday I got another job, paid, making a top for a fabric company.
The company needs it back "fast" so when they call I stop everything and do their work first. They always need it fast, that's just how it works right?
They are lovely people and I am grateful for the work, I feel very professional filling out reports and getting paid to sew. It's a dream come true. I had to audition and everything. I wore spanx.
The thing is... this time... everybody is in hurry or has a time line. So I am scurrying around like a crazy person. seriously insane.
Quilters Rock!


qusic said...

they definitely do :)multitasking!

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

Great photos! I love the bright, cheerful colors of the shelvage. So trying out to sew for a fabric company? ...something local?