So Far So good.

50 D9P so far by you.
Here's my Daily nine patches so far. I am continuing on the Amy Butler Charm/30's blocks and kinda starting to like it again, I was kinda unsure there for awhle. I was kinda thinking of doing Kaffe as well but I can see now, that with over half my blocks done, that the ABC/30's and some of my fav's may be all I have room for.
This may be a habit I stay into for a while. I now can see so many 9-patch ideas spreading out before me . That dark orange 9 patch block may have to go now that I look at this photo, I am thinking of using red in sashing plan (maybe).
I know I have been MIA ... Ive been taking a wee break. But here's my status:
IMG_1365 by you.
Yesterday we had a mighty wind storm and our tree got bent..It's supposed to mask the pole from our view from the window.
IMG_1366 by you.
Lots of litter from the oak in our back garden.
IMG_1362 by you.
I ordered the catalog from Quilt National. It arrived with some postcards, happy me.
I started a new project with this jelly roll and layer cake from Fig Tree.
It's like Moda Porn.
IMG_1354 by you.
I am continuing to work on my ball. Its over 3" now and starting to get heavy.:)
IMG_1369 by you.
I feel so behind and kind of anxious. A few weeks ago I went on a little quilting related trip and have pics so that's coming.
This Sunday I am going to a workshop at the Mandatory Hotel. It's my first one, I'm taking cookies so they like me.
I did in fact get into my class, more later as that develops.
Quilter's Rock!


Barb said...

Your nine-patches look amazing. I'm really behind on mine. So happy you joined the stash busting bee!

Little Dickens Designs said...

Wow, that's quite a storm! Good luck on the cleanup!

The squares look great!

Shelli said...

You should send me some cards, dear. Everyone keeps oooing and ahhhhing over the two little quilts, which are perfect stroller size!

Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Love the nine-patches. They look amazing! Great color and fabric choice. Favorites!