Best Notion

My best notion from Market is this little vinyl thingy. The lady in the booth at market practically assaulted me as I was walking past. She reached out and stuck one of those things to my nametag... Hello? that's way too close for a stranger to be to my breasts... I was sharing my personal space with her...not okay! Then, I looked at what she was hawking, and I heard her say "repositionable". Turns out the little doo-dads really work and can be used over and over again. The blue ones are for your machine to be used as a quarter inch guide. The orange as a fabric guide for your ruler so that you can repeat the exact same measured cut again and again. I think I am going to explain them to my classes and give them a single sample to help with getting that quarter inch.... AND.... its one of my give aways. Leave a comment by June 30th and be entered in my drawing for goodies.

Change of subject..
A couple of weeks ago, my DH and I went to Farmers Market in my little town. Off the main drag of downtown is an old theater that has been redone into a antiques mall. We go in and start finding quilts...

This one I am going to untie and machine quilt ... I don''t think its antique or if it the rings are antique, I think they put together recently, they are machine appliqu├ęd but may be handsewn. the backing seems like diaper material . its gorgeous and bright and was like 35$... I'm going to quilt it and love it and make it mine.

This is a sad, faded double wedding ring and some of the patches are missing. Its the right color for our guest room and it was 25$. My DH said "If you want to see a double ring in our house you better get it, God knows you are never going to make one". Truer words were never spoken. It looks great folded over the foot of the bed.

When the lady at the front realized that we were just buying quilts and a pair of the best pinking shears ever. She said "I have new quilt behind the counter here, just came in". Out came this postage stamp quilt. My DH fell in love, the symmetry, the tiny blocks, the border!

See the edge of purple squares? We think it is hand pieced and hand quilted. There are no tears, rips or stains that we can find. My DH was once more with the "your never gonna make one like this" plus he added the "I like it, it's symmetrical" He started talking price before I had my mind up.

That is the head of a clover flower head pin, I think the squares are supposed to be 1 inch finished. My favorite fabric is that green and white floral.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic antique Quilt finds. I love all of them and would untie and machine quilt the fist one too. They are all lovely in their different stages of condition. Great prices!

Anonymous said...

So excited to see you writing!!! Great quilts.... I'm thinking the postage stamp one is my favorite!!! Especially after seeing it irl... <3

Rhiannon said...

holy crap those squares are tiny!

Cami said...

Wow you really scored with all of these. I can't wait to see the one when you tear out the ties and quilt it, it will be beautiful!