A Milestone

I just finished a project "for publication" (catalog) and now I feel spent! It wouldn't have been so bad but I was rushing, cut some fabric wrong, there was no more fabric and Drama! They are really nice but I really do have higher expectations for myself and got all panicky about this project. Plus it was the first time I had ever pieced New York Beauty Blocks. Ever! *wipe brow*
I want to do something for me, something easy, something about color. I decided to use these "Hoffman watercolorwraps " 7 inch squares that are pretty colors and look great already. That pink roll is called lilac.. and the other brown (obviously). I don't own Hoffman stock nor do I work for them, but for all the talking them up I do, they really should want to send me something pretty. ; )

I think I am going to do HST and then do some sashing and corner stones , like that F&P big print quilt from last year but who knows?? whatever it is ... its gonna be fun and easy!!
Ever since Quilt Market I like I have been "working" as in "not having fun". I am going to take a couple days and just play with fabric ...do some "play" as in , "not work" on my sewing machine. Then.... its back to work!
Leave a comment starting NOW thru June 30 2008 and we will have some give a ways. If I know you in real life, you are not eligible. Don't even try it Catranger, I'm talking to you!

In the mean time, check out the flickr group Sewing Tattoos which includes knitting tattoos.

Quilters Rock!!


jacquie said...

These wraps look gorgeous. I've never seen them before. Have fun with them and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister... Sew some seams for yourself...

Anonymous said...

It's time for a new tattoo. Let's round up Sew Daisy..I know a great parlor.