howz it going?

well, I made all my blocks and trimmed them to 6" and now I am stuck. Do I want to just sew them up barn raising style? make more blocks and make a big quilt? I need to get back to real work and get some charity quilting done, revamp the etsy store, start a new store with a friend and do some design work in EQ. But I would much rather do this, and organize my flickr.

Congrats to my DH! 30 years at the same company! Today is his anniversary! He was nervous like a kitten as he went off to work today. Congrats too to my friends Bob and Jeff who are also celebrating 30 years of togetherness this month!
Did I mention my give-aways?? Leave a comment or link to the blog and get entered in to the pool! IRLs not eligible. Every winner also gets some of the free pens, candies, catalogs and just general stuff from Market.
Only 1 prize has been revealed yet stay tuned....

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Anonymous said...

wow... I've been reflecting ALOT about the last thirty year today as well... Congrats!

I say, sew it up. I like it barn raising style.