Hi! Hello! I'm Back!

Its been awhile...
let's see.... I will catch you up.
lots of holiday work. ..
did a holiday girl scout sewing class.. so crazy cute... they made little "present" potholders.
IMG_0830 by you.
I designed that bow just for them, and Millie commented "that they would be cute potholders".. which is the perfect sized craft for girl scouts. So..

I quilted a client quilt freehand.. I added her kids hand prints on the border and made a mark at their height. I added words/graphics that meant something to her along with the year and an Obama symbol.
IMG_0806 by you.
Got a job to piece, quilt and finish a project for a catalog. I usually sew test tops for them so this was a "step up" for me. I was happy.
We got sacked with a 40 year snow storm.
IMG_0866 by you.

IMG_0843 by you.

IMG_0867 by you.
Quilted a project for Craft Warehouse - my first 2 color thread job.
IMG_0824 by you.
Sliced a fillet of flesh off my index finger. Included a bit of nail. One trip to the Emergency Room, a schmear of glue, some drugs, 3 days on the couch with finger elevated , and I was
ready to get back to work. No kidding. No pictures. Hurt worse than my kidney stone.
My husband who is on sabbatical decided to "fix" my "M" size bobbin winder. He managed to load about 2/3s of a spool of Bottom Line onto a bobbin before it failed and just sort of fell apart. Then he "fixed it some more" and the next bobbin fairly exploded! Kazow! parts go whizzing thru the air - He could have put an eye out!!
IMG_0823 by you.
I readjusted it to "working fine" - which is how I like it.
Husband left to go back east for Xmas to see his kids, brother and 83 year old father. His kids live in Arizona and Chicago ( My step son who is working on his Masters at the Art Institute. He is 27 and I would like to find him a nice Jewish girl, so he can settle down. He doesn't currently go to Temple but will follow the right girl anywhere. So, if you know/are a good match let me know.)
I had a chance to be really be alone and get some sewing done! Yee- haa!
I worked on my Spare Change top and started yet another project.
IMG_0807 by you.
How cute is that? I mean really! It's exciting! I'm loving this. Its my own design and super easy.
Reworked my blog page and added a Completed in 2009 list and some other stuff.
When my husband came home He brought me a cold that has kicked my butt! But I am getting better! I wrote this post. I feel like I am getting back.


Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

I noticed that you are following my blog, how wonderful! I am always looking for fellow sewers/quilters.

Nice to meet you in blog land!


Ginny said...

Oh Rachel you poor thing!
You have been busy though! How is the finger doing now? And, if that is the Craft Warehouse quilt, It is lovely! I presume it is for the Portland Craft Warehouse not the Kennewick one. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the bobbin.. Such a handy husband you have! It's good to see you back in blog mode. :grin:

Sara said...

I really like the quilt top you are putting together (last picture in today's post). Is there a pattern? Did you use templates?
Hope your finger is better (I've done something similar and, ouch, it hurts).

Minka said...

O so you designed the Spare Change pattern. I really like it and your color choices! How did you name it? Something to do with 4 quarters?