New Ironing Station

IMG_0887 by you.
Well, we are in the middle of a redo. I have wanted a sewing table and better storage for forever.
Sooo... My DH and I are installing some new cabinets and lowering my sewing machine. We just finished recycling some Metro shelving from my "single" life into an ironing station and storage.
Notice the wheels so I can roll it out away from the wall. Delicious!
IMG_0886 by you.
It has room to hold my iron, water and some fabric. On the back wall there is my old design board from the other house.
IMG_0884 by you.
Look, its a sexy little water bottle! I have had this about 5 years.. My boyfriend (now my husband) bought it for me when I started sewing... what a sweetie.
I am busy trying to get it all together and cleaned up so I can focus on the new year.


Shelli said...

OH MY GAWRSH! That is THE single most amazing ironing board I've EVER seen. I'm totally in love. Can I borrow your husband to come to NYC and do the same for me? ;)

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Should have asked me sooner... he was just out in NYC for Xmas! He is a keeper!

Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

I love that idea with the cart on wheels.
Now I need to figure out how to make me one.

Sara said...

I love the re-fashion of the metro shelf! I have some like that and, if you don't mind, am going to do the same thing! I need an iron and board in my sewing room!