It's so close... almost here

you can see pictures of my new craft island sewing room redo WIP on flickr.

This weekend I am going to be celebrating the new administration. I hope you will be too.
Right now U2 is singing "in the name of Love" which is about MLKs murder and MLKs message about social justice.
Singing at the Lincoln Memorial to President Elect Obama and a sea of people.

I am 43 years old. How grateful I am to be alive at this moment.
I can remember about 6 years ago being in Mississippi for work.
Following the steps of Fannie Lou Hamer.
Standing in the driveway at Medgar Evers house.
and NOW
watching a man not much older than Medgar was when he died become president.
Beyonce pulling a "Marian Anderson " on the steps.
My eyes are puffing from crying and its only Sunday .... I am thrilled.

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Megan said...

Were you able to watch the inaugural events yesterday? I live so close to D.C. and my husband and I talked about trying to go, but between kids and jobs we couldn't swing it. Nevertheless, I spent the day glued to the TV, and even made the family watch all the parade festivities during dinner. I just didn't want to miss any of it, didn't want the thrill of the day to end.

Now the hard stuff begins. But it was wonderful to just celebrate for a few days, wasn't it?