Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash 11209 by you.
Friday I went to Fabric Depot with a girlfriend. It was my first outing since I caught that bug from my DH.
I went in search of solids for my "project improvisation". The 2 browns on the end are kinda "non-colors" or "shadows" meant to help "show off " prints. I was really looking for grey. They had about 3 but they were all wrong. Amy Butler Solids were on full display, but at 11$ yard minus 35%, I'm sticking to Kona and RJR, which is 5.99 yd minus 35%.
If you live in the Portland Metro Area and don't go to Fabric Depot- go now! If you don't live local you can visit them online. It's like a costco sized store and it's all on sale.

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debi said...

Oh my god - why did I have to read about the Fabric Depot - I'm only onto page 9 and about $100 US! And I have postage too!!! Another addiction!