Hey Buddy! Is That Kleenex In Your Pocket or are you Just Happy to See Me?

IMG_1144 by you.
I have allergies. Seems like every tree in Metro Portland is blooming. I take meds and use my Neti pot and get much relief but... for a couple days, at least, every year the pollen is so bad I just want to hide in my highly filtered, home bubble. My husband has super bad allergies as well, so when we got the A/C, he also got an electronic air filter and some kind of germ killing light bulb thingy... this is me shrugging and walking away because DH has it covered. what ever. It really works. Yesterday we set up Mom's new tree and her patio display of flowers. It was lovely and sunny, and we're all now suffering from too much outdoor time today. itchy eyes.
Project Improv:
Err.. so, yes I have a top I am going to quilt. But I had also promised that I would make some wonky log cabins, which I never did. Today, I got one of those dreaded "hey bum where's your blocks?" emails along with 20 other losers... okay I'm projecting, but I did get an email.
I can admit when I suck!
Okay so here's what happened... I tried to make them, they sucked, I spent like days on them on and off ... lame. Then I sent postage, this was an impromtu action on my part to assuage my guilt. No star magically appeared by my name. damn.
Then today I mentioned something to my husband as he was leaving to go off to work and he got that weird slightly disappointed look on his face like " you signed up to do something and now your gonna blow them off. not cool." ouch.

I made 4 blocks ... in 7 hours! I am not a wonky log cabin maker. Just not.
Ta da...
project Improv Blocks by you.
I went to Art School dang it! I'm trained. I should be able to do this. Anyway, it's over, in an envelope and ready to go to post. Wiping brow. wheew!
IMG_1147 by you.
Lilac buds. interesting.
I'm gonna think about which books I can be rid of so I can go buy some quilting books. Must have Simple Comtemporary Quilts. Thanks to chickenfoot.
Quilters Rock!


Cheryl Arkison said...

You've just outlined why I generally don't sign up for bees, swaps, and most group projects. I think I have some round robins in the basement from about 6 years ago! Bad Cheryl.

susan said...

oh no! am i a proper enabler or what??? it is a good book with lots of eye candy to get you motivated! your blocks turned out lovely and i am glad you can stop feeling guilty, its not a good emotion, no?? and i have felt that way too too often....matter of fact i have a number of things that need to get shipped off but mindless sit in packages around my house....why oh why cant they mail themselves??? and i second cheryl up there...thats why i didnt sign on to any of the bees as of late...too much pressure!