Susan Boyle! I love you!

30sbentobox by you.
I just posted a pic from days past because I like my posts better when they have a photo.
I have been saving this till I was a better quilter. I may be ready to quilt this. hooray! Im putting it in the queue.
Have you seen the video of Susan Boyle on You Tube?
It's a must see. check the side to hear her sing "cry me a river".


Trisha said...

Very cute quilt! I just saw that Susan Boyle video today where she surprises everyone with her voice. It made me tear up the way everyone was acting before she opened her mouth and then how beautiful she sounded. Talk about not judging people by the way they look. I showed it to my kids and we talked about how everyone treated her before and after. A good lesson.

Lorraine said...

Susan Boyle is my new hero !!
I love that quilt BTW !

Michaela said...

What a cute quilt. Can't wait to see quilted.

jacquie said...

made me cry watching the video...what an instrument that woman has!

Regina Z said...

I love your bento quilt its such a great design. And the colors are great

susan said...

oh i love her voice!
i hope she does a cd!
pretty quilt