Quilting Tuesday

Flame quilting by you.
This is a quilt that was made by a group of women that go on a spiritual retreat called: Rising from the Flames. They put together a quilt and asked for flames because they had seen them on another quilt of mine. I quilted in a swoop around their logo so after the quilt was washed it would pop. After this is washed I don't know how it's gonna crinkle...
This is a simple Edge-to Edge design but flames would great around a name or a name on a heart. Practice on paper first then try it yourself.
Let me know how you do.
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IMG_1271 by you.
A little modern and springy I hope.
IMG_1272 by you.
Things are crazy here but I am saving that for WIP Wednesday.
Quilters Rock!


Cathie said...

Lovely quilting! Did you do that freehand or use a pantograph? very very nice.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I freehand all my quilts on my Handi Quilter. Pantos are usually to large for my machine. So I just wing it. I practice on paper and then on a small quilt before I do a large quilt.