Hi! I know a lot of folks are visiting because I got mentioned over at Selvage Blog. Not only do I save selvages but I also save square up trimmings. I have rolling them into this ball. It's close to 3 inches now.
IMG_1331 by you.
It's a wip right??
IMG_1333 by you.
Here are my daily 9patches for this week and my "paid" project is ready to go back. We are on day 18 on the daily9patches and I have 25. I a smidge ahead.
I return the project tomorrow, it's finished...finally. I'm going to rest now... working on my tutorial for machine binding.. and my write up on my Road Trip.
Next up?
IMG_1334 by you.
My charity quilting for the guild. I mean the quilt top is kinda 80's calico but that is the challenge for me. How do I make it current? It's due on Monday - bound, so I better get it together. I'll snap something when I decide...
I think it will go to Washington County Hospice when it's done.
Then finish my Mothers Day Quilt. (next week pics?)
Then another Paid Job which I would like to practice for because I am thinking of doing just circles with patterns.
So the other big WIP is my computer skills. As some of you might know my step son is at "Art School in Chicago" working on his masters in Fine Art. He scored me a copy of Creative Suite 4- so I'm gonna learn that over the next few months. I want to write up some of my pattern ideas. ..
photoshop my photos...etc etc
When ever I mention my stepson I want to make sure I mention he is single and I am looking for a nice Jewish girl for him. If your in Chicago swing by ARTIC check him out. Let me know and I will tell you how to check him out in person. I think that makes him one of WIPs right? He would totally kill me.
that's what going on here ...
Quilters Rock!


Susan said...

Ohmygod, I still have some of those 80's fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with that charity quilt, maybe it will give me an idea of what to do with my old fabric.
So nu, how old is your stepson? And what does he do for a living?

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Yes, I think your stepson qualifies as a W.I.P., indeed!