Iranian Nose Job

So I am watching the news of the Iran Revolution 2.0 as much as I can.
Go peaceful regime adjustments! I don't know that it's exactly change but
blah blah ...the point?
I'm a shallow american that loves to play "No Nose Job" when watching the videos. Oh I love the excitementand the thrill of politics in action and I love watching the blurry night time videos on You Tube of people darkening their homes opening their windows or going to thier balconies and screaming *llah Akbar ... goose pimples.
The old ladies charging the police to stop young men from getting beat...
love it..
but since Iran is the Nose Job capital of the world. I believe the figure is like 1 out of every 4 people you meet who is Iranian has a nose job. the numbers are higher for those in Terhan under 30. What I think is so interesting is that they all look very similar. It's the same nose on face after face. I saw a docmentary on this a couple years ago and it was facinating.
I LOVE looking for and finding the one guy in the crowd with a classic Iranian beak. He or the more rare she needs to be clearly under 35 to qualify in our game.
So the next time you see that green handed lovely flashing you a peace sign as she gazes brightly in to the camera, look past her into the crowd and see if you can spot a virgin nose.
My prayers are with them as they make the changes they want and I really hope no more deaths result. Sometimes I just need a little break from the tension.


The Calico Cat said...

thanks for the giggle...

susan said...

i must have seen the same program
how funny that it is so so so common there, but then i guess the noses are a um ah bit bigger?

Amy said...

have you been watching Jason Jones' 'coverage' on The Daily Show? If not - check it out on His last piece (I think it's from Thursday night's show) is brilliant.