WIP #8

IMG_1417 by you.
I participated in my first mini swap this week. Making something for a stranger that I have never met or know only thru his comments and photos on flickr.com. It was the placemat quilt swap sponsored by Krommama. It was fun to see what everybody made. That link takes you to the Flickr pool. I have been toying with this idea for a while, setting things off in rows that are also offset. It was nice to focus it on a small project to see how it worked. I used my super soft Organic Cotton, it is a bit drapey and so I haven't used it on big quilts.
I also experimented with using a fill I call "ball of yarn" as an all over. I don't know how I feel about it. But I think it's going to wash up real good.
Notice the edge treatment? Binding and a mini border? I like it. I think Iam going to do this on a larger project soon. nice little splash of blue around the edge.
IMG_1418 by you.
This the orientation of the quilt as it's meant to sit on the table. Longways. I made it a bit wider as my husband likes to put up his arms and elbows when he sits at our island. He has had me make him several wide placemats. I am hoping it looks manly and fresh. Does it say "Man"?

In other news I am over my cold/flu but am still feeling tired. My husband and I both had it for 2 weeks and are slow to recover. Starting to feel like a shut-in, in our self imposed exile. Things are starting to get back to normal finally.
Our neighborhood (development) has a July Fourth Party every year. All the neighbors BBQ and play games. We have a bounce house for the kids, when it gets close to dark we all light off fireworks. One of my neighbors is related to Valorie Wells in an in-law sort of way which is how this relates to quilting. Since we don't eat pork, high fructose corn syrup, ground meat in any form or franken foods, we won't be attending the potluck portion. Partly, so my mother won't feel the need to lecture everyone on their food choices and partly because frankly I don't like the heat. Plant a tree people! We will put in an appearance before it gets too dark to say "how dee do"and "my, look how the kids have grown" and then watch the fireworks.
My husband is getting a new Natural Gas Grill, so he is preparing for a meat filled weekend of grilled goodness. He is eating at home.

I hope your holiday is grand! Have a good one.

Here is a little detail of the quilting and the binding.
IMG_1419 by you.

Quilters' Rock!


Millie said...

Wow! That's gorgeous! The quilting is stunning! I love it.

Cathie said...

That is SO cool. The colors and the quilting, the offsetting patterns - all GREAT. A total success.

Amanda Jean said...

gorgeous! it was my first swap too, and i'm so glad i joined it. a fun challenge, for sure. your quilting is amazing!!! i'm in love with swirls these days.

MichelleB said...

I love your quilting on this! It's fabulous.