Marching Forward!

IMG_0923 by you.
Well, the new craft table moves forward at a snails pace. My room is a disaster. Nor am I getting a lot done... Train Wreck!
I watched a lot of TV yesterday . I taped the Cspan coverage and sped thru it to the good parts . Thanks TiVo. It was great!
Sam Adams has pissed me off. Politicians, mo or not, need to keep it zipped around teenagers.
ProJect Improv:
I have finally decided what I am doing. *choir sings "hallelujah" in the backgound*
Okay, so the .pdf said "This piece has no restrictions except that it is to be improvised, not
made from a pattern" that part is easy for me as I rarely use patterns. I like to do re-inventions of old patterns. I thought at first I would do a Improv of my Kite top I just finished but knew that it was too soon and kind of a cop out.
then I decided to think on it a while. ....
I asked myself "what is it I don't do?"
I don't generally work with solids. ( I have been lately, but I have been pushing myself)
I don't work with too many colors at once. Usually, when I am working with solids, I do a blue/green or a pink /orange color way. If there are a lot of colors, it's a fabric line bundle I am using.
And I never work on heirlooms or "big idea" quilts. Obviously, it's because I am a lazy cur.
I like to make easy quilts with a simple idea behind them and no complicated work required to get it together.

So,... what I am doing is what I don't usually do! I am going to use a solid, I knew this and just went to Fabric Depot and bought a beautiful brown a couple weeks ago.
I am going to use lots of different fabric mostly from my stash.
*Drum Roll*
I am making a "Big Idea" quilt! I want it to be modern and interesting. I have known about this quilt called Ringtoss by FunQuilts for some time. And I love Angela Adams Rugs this one in particular.
I decided to do a Presidential Quilt of 44 rings. I am going to make each individual ring a reflection of that president. It's a traditional idea but hopefully I will have a fresh interpetation.
I just did a bunch of experiments to see if I can do this. I figured out how to do them using machine applique, but not raw edge. I am not going to set them in, the way it's done over at FunQuilts.
Here is a ring:
IMG_0925 by you.
It's one of my tests. Its not sewn down yet.
I am thinking of doing George Washington in this cherry:
IMG_0924 by you.
I know he didn't chop down a cherry tree but still.
I still haven't figured out exactly how I'm gonna handle "death in office" or mutiple terms. I had thought I would try to do a fabric a year or a term but I don't think so. We'll see.
I guess that's where the Improv comes in.
What I am going to do is google "first POTUS" read about him, then make a ring, attach it to block of background, then google "2nd POTUS" and repeat steps . I think there is some Improv built into that process.
Have I told you lately that "Quilters Rock!"?


Minka said...

What an interesting idea! What size are the rings?

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I completely abandoned this idea ...
I got almost to Lincoln and jumped ship.
I feel like a loser but I'll get over it.
but it was a good idea...

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

oh yeah they were about 8 inches across .
some bigger some smaller.