Project Improv Is In the House

IMG_1140 by you.
I got my Project Improv quilt top to quilt. I am looking forward to it.
But today I went spring crazy!

IMG_1149 by you.
We have a couple of feeders and last week we even had a stunned hummer in our hands(what do mean my camera is charging in the dock???) spring is also in the house.
IMG_1143 by you.
My radishes are growing, they sprouted. hurray, I always worry.
IMG_1142 by you.
Stella says check out the flowers for the patio!
IMG_1141 by you.
My Mother and I planted up stuff for the patio. You know its spring!


jacquie said...

it's so cool to see it at your house! have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Stella is adorable! I love all the flowers & plants- beautiful?

susan said...

oh geez look at you already for spring!!! wha???? your doggie is that pic