Stash Sunday On Tuesday or the ties that bind

IMG_1213 by you.
So I know it's Tuesday but I didn't post on Sunday a picture of my stash so here's Stash.
My FIL sent me a box of ties, silk ties, cotton ties, designer ties, homemade ties. There is even a Liberty of London silk tie! How great is that? My BIL finally got married ... been with his partner 31 years! I know FIL wants me to make a quilt but I seriously don't think I am a good enough quilter. His family makes crazy quilts but I am hoping to make a string quilt or 3...
A couple of years ago he sent me a box of shirts, like wild 70's cotton shirts. Also, destined for quilts... at some point I will totally make some "family clothes" quilts. I think my step-kids will be happy about it. I hope so anyway.
IMG_1214 by you.
The red with polka dots and that blue floral are totally homemade. What a guy making his own ties! gotta love him.
In other news, I am totally waiting for my bias tape maker and electric strip cutter. I'll keep you posted.
A new load is in the works for Etsy, and I have a couple of tutorials in the works.
Quilters Rock!


Michaela said...

OH, they are so fun!

Aimee said...

Wow, I love the ties! What fun!