Another One?

IMG_1814 by you.
This time in brights. I made this from the scraps of vintage sheets. I think it is much different in feeling than yesterdays. The pastel version is really pretty in person and I think photos don't capture that delicacy. This one is bright and saucy and one could say it lacks subtlety. Either way I am kinda in love...
IMG_1815 by you.
Here is the binding which is a Micheal Miller print. On the Pastel Version I used a vintage sheet. It worked fine but for this brights version I didn't want a solid binding and the vintage sheets are far too valuable to use as binding. I think its a good fit.
IMG_1817 by you.
Look how nicely it plays with the other prints? Funny, how something unimportant makes me so happy.
IMG_1820 by you.
Here is a shot of the back, I used the same back as the pastel quilt. My girlfriend hated the back and didn't want to use the sheet in our bundles, but I loved it and wanted to use it somehow.
In other news.... My husband passed his Kidney Stone with no more pain. Hooray!
I need new glasses like nobodies business and just endured the worst customer service from Costco in recorded history. Apparently, being a unholy bitch is a prerequisite at the Hillsboro Costco Optical Department. My bad luck that they sell contacts cheaper than everybody else.
Somebody asked me what constituted a "Loser" in my fabric stash. I think this is personal to each stash ... for me it is Marbles instead of Konas... Burgundy anything... thimbleberries ...
traditional small geos overprinted with black and brown ... the list goes on...
Stuff that eyes tell me is "not working".
IMG_1813 by you.
I love these uneven dots from Paula Prass, the orange stripe, dots and print from Heather Ross.
That strong aqua and pink print from Micheal Miller these work for me in a way that's good graphically in photos and also in person. Close up and far away.. Hopefully my work will start looking like what's in my head. who knows.
Quilters Rock!


Erin Joy said...

Love, love the quilt! Is that your own design??

Vintage sheets & pillowcases are one of my newest "obsessions". =) I think they look especially wonderful with polka dots.

MichelleB said...

Love the new quilt, too!

Thanks for the "loser" list. I think all of those things would go on my loser list, too. Funny how our tastes change, isn't it?

Evelyn said...

I love both of those quilts! Love the design. How big are the squares?

I'm not a big fan of the backing fabric, either (to use in a front, I mean). Looks a little too 80's to me. :-) But it works great as the back! And the quilting is beautiful!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, I love this one!

As for fabric losers... well, I know there are lots in the stash, but surprisingly, I've gone back to them at times. Sometimes it is just the right blender for a certain project. I do intend to edit when I finally get into a permanent sewing space one of these days.

Anonymous said...

I do love that binding. Perfect choice!
Losers also yell at me from my stash...."what on earth were you thinking!!!"

Karen S in Edmonton

Katie B said...

This is gorgeous! I'd love to see a tutorial.

randi--i have to say said...

Fantastic quilt! I have a small stack of thrifted linens that I want to make a quilt out of. My stack just needs to grow before that's possible. :)


AnnMarie said...

Love, love, love these quilts!

susan said...

your quilt is awesome, perfect binding fabric. and i lurve those uneven dots from paula prass too

fabricartist21 said...

I love that pattern, did you make it up and yes the fabrics are very pretty. Good luck with your contacts. I would like to follow your blog ok???

Amanda Jean said...

i love love LOVE that quilt! so pretty, fresh and bright. nice work!