Something Bound, Something Bound to be Beautiful, and Something Bound for Someone Else

IMG_1794 by you.
I finished my pastel upcycled bed linen quilt. Its quilted, bound and finally finished. Dreamy, modern, pastel and its so soft. Really soft! Like Heather Ross poplin might feel after 20 years!
IMG_1796 by you.
I quilted a wreathy like flowery thing with a flamey type fill. I wanted to practice my flames. I think it will crinkle up nicely. This is unwashed. All of the linen were washed by me before I (let them in my house) started. It should only soften a bit but not shink too badly.
IMG_1798 by you.
This huge tulip print from the 80's is the backing. omg, that's totally awesome.

The Etsy store is still open but has moved way off the front burner. I have no intension of being a fabric store. Thanks for shopping with me if you did. I still have quite a selection of Flea Market Fancy and will be having sales to move them out. I will announce here first.
Since I went to the Denyse Schmidt Workshop at PNCA I have had to face the fact that I have purchased some losers in the fabric department. I am moving in a new direction, a new style and need the tools to do that. Buying or refocusing my stash to that end has been helpful. I sent 3 boxes to IBOL on the 16 of August full of stuff I needed to let go. Rather than have a destash sale is was great to be able to give it to some ladies that I'm sure could really use it.
Im going to be starting a new program of recieving blankets soon so stay tuned for that. I've got a plan.
The money I earn helps me to quilt for charity and do vollunteering, so I am really grateful to those who shopped with me. Thank You.
IMG_1805 by you.
Those Wonky Stars are each actually a stack of wonky stars. August was my month in Stash Busting Bee International, I requested Wonky Stars and when they started to roll in I put some in a pile and the rest I left in each envelope till now. When I get done with my chores and have time to play with these... Im gonna make something great! For me! Thanks ladies!
The other quilt up there is my DQS7 for my partner. Im sending it today. I hope she likes it.
Below that you can my Pressing Station. The Iron is a Shark Pro something.. . if it was a woman it would be a dominatrix. Fabrics just beg to be pressed into submission.
My shapely water bottle filled with distilled. Behind that is my new binding maker. Which I love beyond normal boundaries. Another item you don't see is my bottle of Best Press. They should pay me, I am a convert.
Quilters Rock!


Amy said...

Love the quilt -- the 80's print on the back is awesome! Everyone definitely needs a great iron. LOL. What is that you iron on? Doesn't look like an ironing board. That's my issue right now - my ironing board has gotten lumpy somehow. Need a new arrangement!

jacquie said...

i love the soft look that old sheets give to a quilt...soothing...and the sheet on the back...i almost fell over...that is so amazing! great job. caught up on all your posts....i sent 3 IBOL boxes too...great feeling!!

MichelleB said...

I love the quilt! It's so great. I would be really interested to hear about your change in fabrics, and what you considered were your "loser" fabrics.

Barb said...

Beautiful quilt! I've been collecting (hoarding) vintage sheets but I've got to get it together and actually use them. I'm also impressed with your purge - like MichelleB said above - I'd love to know what your process was for sorting your fabrics and what types of fabrics you are looking for now.

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

Great workspace shot! You know those are all some of my favorites! :) I think it's great that you do charity work.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Hmm, you are making me think I need to get back into some stars. It's been too long.

Katie B said...

I love the pastel quilt. It would make a great baby quilt!

susan said...

oh! this one is beautiful!!
great job, and that quilting!! i am so jealous of your skill.
i always giggle when i hear about a new convert to best should hear me talk it up at the shop...its a dream, no???

Susan said...

How could your DQS7 partner NOT like her quilt? She's thrilled with it!! That would be me, the thrilled person. Thank you Thank you Thank you. It's lovely.

Thank you. Your work is inspiring.