Thanks Polly and Lauri!

Bay Harbor by you.
A couple of weeks ago I won this sweet Charm pack and some scraps from Minick and Simpson. Now I LOVE these fabrics but kind of feel like I have enough on my plate right now and thought that the truly traditional quilters at my guild would swoon. Every month we have a mini raffle for a couple of 10$ ish items and try and raise some coin for the guild. I gave my charm pack to the guild to raffle and we doubled our normal takings! The ladies actually "ohhh"ed when the raffle leader said "this is not due out till Febuary". I am so thankful to M&S for the charm pack!
Thanks Ladies!
IMG_1890 by you.
In other news, Im having a dental extraction in a couple of days and expect to be out of commission for a couple of days. I am getting my swap blocks finished and sent. That little martian is supposed to be a trick or treater. Thats my September block which is Halloween themed. I own zero Halloween fabrics so it was a struggle. I hope she likes it.
IMG_1891 by you.
This is my October block which is already done and ready to be sent. Her theme is "Fall" and I think she is doing a D9P.
Quilters Rock!


wishes, true and kind said...

I like your Halloween block very much. And it's quite clear that the little martian is a trick-or-treater. Great use of fabric!

Cathie said...

I love the Halloween block!

Check out a cute Halloween quilt giveaway on a friend's blog:

pass the word!