Sample Spree Con't. Free pens and candy from the Threaded Pear / Quilters

freee pens and candy from the, originally uploaded by 2ndAvenueStudio.
Around 7:30pm things picked up in line and vendors started coming out and handing out coupons and flyers.
Threaded Pear Studio came out and asked us to sing happy birthday to the burnette on the left. I was so happy to get that breath mint I really needed it. We were let in to shop and boy was it exciting. There are great pictures at the JollyJabber and of course, Quilters of what went on inside. I don't have any. I was shopping, my hands were full and it was a crush!

Here is a picture of our haul.

we were parked in the garage, which could not have been further away if we tried. Mercy.
SewDaisy hauled most of it herself, because of my back. But really I seemed fine the next day, so I guess I was just sore, not injured, from BSR class/handiquilting. She was great and I am so grateful for the help.
Here is a picture of my haul

It includes Anna Griffin's Alix Collection (which I got on the exhibit floor Saturday), Hoffman Balipops and Pappillon, Some Batik Textiles and another fav - Art Gallery Fabrics. From MODA we have : Mary Engelbreit's Recipe for Friendship, Fig and Plum, Cotton Blossom, Butterfly Fling and Nest . Some of this will get used as "give aways" so stay tuned.
Here's a picture of a favorite jewel. Sometimes, It was hard to keep a clear head.

Its Amelia from timeless treasure.... so summery and fresh. I bought this because the colors
were "good" and the price was right, stuck it in my bag and moved on. When I got home and have sat with it for a few days, I am in LOVE! Turns out my Local Quilt Shop is ordering the line, I am gonna make a class sample with it. So happy. Its really lovely.

The other discovery I made is local and kinda off topic. After Spree we were so hungry, thirsty.
We drove around to Burgerville - which is local and I don't eat there usually, I like Wendy's chicken and McDs fillet o fish , when I have to drive thru for food.
Burgerville Halibut Fillet Sandwich!!! it was a big, fat fillet of lovely halibut that tasted so good and it came with lettuce instead of cheese.... Delish! I am now like "Mc-y who??"
I just went and looked at the nutritional info and maybe I won't always choose that sandwich but they have other choices. Its sustainable, uses local ingredients and it was GOOD! There you go.


Jeannette Bruce said...

I'm so jealous of your sample spree fabrics! Glad to see that you have started a blog, I've long admired your stuff on flickr!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the write up and the great photo. We love having a captive audience of desperate, tired women who need a "little pick me up" before the doors of sample spree open! It is always great fun...Glad you appreciated our efforts!
Gina Halladay of Threaded Pear and QuiltersBuzz! See you next year in line!