sample spree line at 5 pm

line at 5 pm, originally uploaded by 2ndAvenueStudio.

This was way too early to get in line!
The week before market I went to my last required class for new Bernina owners. Doesn't matter that it has been months since I bought it, so long in fact, that the oil light went on after 180,000 stitches. It was BSR class, and I don't know if was the class or the 8 passage quilts I handiquilted after the 2 days after the class but my back went out. It was so sore, and tired, it spasmed and I was betrayed by my body and bedridden.
DANG, it's official folks, I have gotten to the age where I can feel my age.

My husband was a dream, he took real pity on me and brought me meals and snacks upstairs, I think he felt bad since I have been talking about this so long. The night before, the night before sample spree, Tuesday, he actually volunteered to go to sample spree for me, then he said he would just wait in line and I could go... he really didn't think I could do it and neither did I. We had grim tragic faces on all night. Sad.
Wednesday I got to thinking, maybe my girlfriend could handle it, I do need some help. I have an unrivaled group of quilty-girl friends, one is SewDaisy. She has what I call the "Lucy Gene". She loves a good Lucy and Ethyl challenge. I called to talk to her about what to do and she became available.
Thursday, the day of sample spree, I woke up feeling "Grrreat!" . No back pain, no soreness, nothing. 2 days of bed rest had paid off. hurray!
So we get there really early, too early. We sat on couches for a while
then we moved. SewDaisy just laughed at me for being so excited.
We could have waited till 6pm and still easily gotten in, but we did have to drive from Hillsboro on the 26, so better to do it before rush hour. right?
Thats my red bag on the floor in the photo.

Inside the hall, which we visited more than once, we checked to see where the vendors were located. This is a photo of this huge hall with no people in it. later it got so crowded and hot.

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jacquie said...

Oh my, oh my...that haul...I'm feeling faint! The fabric you highlighted is to die for. I have to have some of that. What fun market must be!