Quilt Market Saturday

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Im so tired all I could do was pick a little spinach and a couple of onions and I cut out an entire lettuce plant out because its getting really crowded and I didn't want to just pick leaves.
I didn't make dinner with it, I just sat outside a while and am going to bed early.
I saw all the stars I wanted to see and snapped a slew of photos that will be coming I promise.
Its so hot here in the PacNW that I really am consumed with keeping my plants alive and hoping my lettuce doesn't bolt.
That wee radish was left over from last months radish crop it must have been a stray that finally took root.
I found out today I am a non-branded quilt designer, I learned this from a puplisher. There is a title for what I have been doing and want to do more of!
I can also be called a "creative" as in "we always looking for more creatives to help market a line(fabric)"
I got some great leads to grow the business ... so overall it was a great time and I am so excited.
Its been super scary to be putting myself out there. But also really validating at the same time. Feeling really connected to the community is hard for me sometimes.

More on Quilt Market tomorrow or Monday (more likely).
Say it with me now! "Quilters Rock!" *head bob*

A plug for the plant people www.farmingtongardens.com

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