Rock Star Photos!

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Here are some of my rock star photos of market. I love Minick and Simpson.
Traditional and clean I really like their design sense, when I grow up and make heirlooms. I want to quilt like them.

here is Kaffe at his booth near the end of the day.

Here is Heather Bailey at Anna Marie Horner's booth she is standing with her friend and SIL Mo.
Mo is Elinor Piece Bailey's daughter, a nurse and talked to me about passage quilting. They made me cry about passage- so I had to just "walk away"... But I will say it say it here.
I quilt for Passage because my husband has a heart problem called Left V-Tach. When he is sick, I go crazy with worry (not that I am not nuts a little anyway:)), so I quilt. One of the symptoms is "Sudden Cardiac Death", not that he has ever developed that symptom. He has spells of it, sometimes he has months and months of lots of PVCs. Right now he is off meds and is fine. I am very grateful for that. Quilting has been a way for me to force my focus off his health. Its my way of giving back to the hospital that treats him.

Blog Note: My husband has been diagnosed with "Sleep Apena". We believe that this lack of oxygenation in sleep is the core cause of his Vtach and other cardiac symptoms. If you or your sleep partner snore or wake often, please have a sleep study.

here is Valorie Wells and her new Home Dec fabric. She lives in Sisters (as in the Sisters Quilt Show)

Why do I have only one pic of Amy but 2 of Valerie- frankly I don't know. I thought I took tons of photos from her and anna Marie's booth and I don't have them. Must have been "user error" Go figure. Notice I am in none of the pictures- seriously, I photograph like Ma Kettle.... not gonna happen.

I am closing with Elinor Burns of Quilt in a Day fame. 30 years of QiaD! Congrats EB!
I use a couple of her templates and will redraft patterns to use them because I love her templates so much! I have learned a lot from her show, which is carried here on the Rural Farm Channel. Yeah, it can be corny but they are solid quilt techniques, generous show and tells, and its not the constant sales pitch of F&P. I tivo all the quilt shows and zip thru them really fast.

More to come...

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