I am on Quilters Buzz!

I am on Quilters Buzz!, originally uploaded by 2ndAvenueStudio.

In my little book of goals and dreams I have written "be featured on www.quiltersbuzz.com" . I know its a stretch but here I am, 6 months old in my little business and there I am on www.quiltersbuzz.com!! Okay I know the QB post isn't about me, but I can see myself in this photo and I know its me.Gina said I could copy it to my flickr(see links) so I could note my face. Red faced from fright that I might miss some great fabric opportunity! 

 Seriously though, I know I am grasping at straws but it counts right? woohoo!
Since Gina put me on her blog: here she is in all her glory handing out candy, pens and thread beds. She looks great, on her blog she said she was gonna slim down, she did, and it shows!

Threaded Pear has great goods coming which is so exciting! Next time I will share my sample spree story and peek at some goodies.
using the ASL sign for "I Love You" and bobbing my head here's a heavy metal
"Quilters Rock! "

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