Getting Back to the Fun!

Jacquie won the Q-tools! Hurray and its in the mail!
Marsha got a couple of Fat Quarters from Batik Textiles!
and Michele got some Japanese charms and a pen.. hmm that sounds lame but they are cute!
That was my first give-away and it seems like I should have figured out that I need to post a lovely picture and story of give away and then people will comment. duh!
So after the holiday I will totally do another one, I need to learn how to blog it right! Practice.

I worked on my HST quilt top but I have lost all enthusiasm for it. I want to make another of this type! A 9Patch-Snowball!

This one I made for passage a couple of years ago and it was one of my first long arm attempts.
I made a couple actually, this one with a white background and finished edge points, this black one:

I didn't do the edge and I think it was much less interesting. I did another (no pic) that was calico background and I liked it a lot.

Heres one I did for my DH, this picture is cute but in real life it's lacking something. I think making the background a mid tone and using everything in the 9P/SBs was a mistake.
So I want to try this again...
I really should be quilting, but I am still not feeling it. Lately, I have been feeling that I have totally gotten lost in the "business" of quilting. I really like the "service" of quilting and only started the "business" to help me pay for the "service" part, now I feel like I spend so much less time on the "service" part. So I am refocusing! Service anyone?


~Niki~ said...

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jacquie said...

I'm so excited. The only tools I own are a ruler and rotary cutter, so I can't wait to see what these will do. Thanks so much!

Quiltsalad said...

I think it's really normal to get the "quilting blah's, I sure have over the last 25 years of quilting but what always pulls me back is the fabulous fabric. I think that I can't possibly need to make another quilt ever and then my SIL's who are fabric sales reps give me a big box of samples and I start playing with them and I'm hooked again. Fortunately there's always someone who wants a quilt or some place in the house I need a new bit splash and a quilt always does that.

~Niki~ said...

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Unknown said...

These quilts are so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes-the bug vacuum story is pretty funny. My dad always thought outside the box. LOL!

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Sorry the comment above should be from thriftin and craftin. I was signed into the wrong account!