Sunday Stash

the tan back ground I had was planning on using puckered and was EVIL! evil I tell you. No matter what I did I could not get it to lay flat once I sewed the circle on. Then my mother came over and said it was ugly. Then I asked my DH and he said it was too flat and maybe ugly was too harsh. Not untrue but too harsh. Thanks Honey.
I decided that I would use a background I owned and not go out and buy something else. Provided of course, that I could find something I had enough of, and laid flat. So....
IMG_0945 by you.
It sews up super flat! That is a huge priority. The rings will go together and the pattern reads like a solid. Another bonus. Lastly, its also a masculine blue and the rings will float up and off hopefully.
This brings me to the subject of fabric selection for each President. I have decided to use fabric I love and then try and tie it to each POTUS. If I don't love it, it's not going in. I get to use all those FQs of stuff I couldn't help but buy because I fell in love. I mean, is somebody really going to glance at a ring, in a historically correct print and say " wow, that ring really interpretes President Arthur's policy towards civil service"? no they are not.
Here is some of the fabrics I hope to use for a ring this week.
IMG_0944 by you.
I have noticed that since the rings are in different fabrics, it looks better if they are closer in shape. When rings are the same fabric they look fine different shapes.
So we finally got the sewing machine table sort of finished. I mean, the machine is in and the table is put together, but the handles and power strip are not in yet...
IMG_0933 by you.
There is my nice sunken machine sewing a now abandoned George Washinton ring. While we doing this we noticed that on the bottom of the machine I only had 3 feet and a nub. If you have a Bernina, do you have that too? Is it for leveling?
Take a look and let me know will ya?
IMG_0929 by you.
Now that my husband is on sabbatical, and spending a lot of time in my studio, he finds a need "to fix" things... Seriously, I love you but don't touch Mamas machine!
Now if I could only convince him he wants to reorganize my stash.


Ginny said...

have tagged you for a picture meme. Please come on over and check it out.

Oh and I love that blue flower fabric, it is lovely!


Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment to my first curvy lines block at flickr. Tutorial? OMG...maybe you don't know this is the first time I learn how to sew and quilt. Jacquie is one of my blogfriend who always support me. I don't dare enough to make a tutorial...What if I made mistakes?
You also did a perfect circle line sewing :)

Phyllis said...

Hi Rachel,

I found you through Ginny's Bali Pop Quilt and have now bookmarked your blog to visit regularly.

I haven't read through your blog yet but wanted to introduce myself to you and say that the Bali Pop quilt you made is gorgeous and that I'm going to attempt to make one as well.

Stop by for a visit - I'm new to blog land!

Sara said...

I like the background fabric you picked.
Feel free to send your husband my way. I could use a new sunken sewing table, fabric storage, bathroom light, I could go on and on!